I’m just a guy that enjoy IT stuff. I have bachelor degree and more than 7 years of professional experience. Besides this, I also like to work on my personal projects.

I have preference for front-end and open source (even when currently I’m working with the .NET stack) technologies and I’m always ready to learn new things.

I have professional experience on technologies like Javascript, Typescript, Angular and Ionic. On the back-end, the .NET stack and nodeJS using Loopback are the ones chosen.

I do not code all the time, I also like to play video games (Nintendo Power!) and watch Netflix…

At the moment you should be thinking that I’m 100% geek… It’s almost true, but I also like to travel and go to an good restaurant with my girlfriend and friends!

If you want to get in touch, please send me an email: luciano.valinho@gmail.com