Crypto Spot

Manage your Cryptocurrencies with Crypto Spot Mobile APP

An Simple and complete app with the all information you need. The first portfolio management with multi profile! Manage your and your’s mother’s portfolio… on the same app!

Main Features:

  • Multi Profile Portfolio Management: You can manage more than one portfolio on the same app!
  • Portfolio Dashboards: Charts will help you to make a quick overview of your portfolio.
  • +1500 Cryptocurrencies: Detail information from more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. (and still growing…)
  • Real-Time Updates: Get updated about cryptocurrencies prices.
  • Clean UI Design: Simple navigation to an easy management.
  • No Data Upload: Data is only on your phone. We don’t have it and don’t sell it!
  • No Payment Required: Use it! It’s free!
  • Feature Updates: This is an work in progress app. (Check out our Roadmap below).


To be released in the second quarter 2018:

  • Market Screen: An quick overview of the cryptos market (available on current version)
  • Possibility to identify the exchange on each transaction
  • Crypto Coins News Section
  • Import / Export Data (off-line only)
  • Crypto Wallet’s Management
  • Pin Locker for each Profile

Old Versions

Version (1.0.1) November 2017:

  • More than a thousand currencies available.
  • Shows current value of top crypto currencies in USD and EUR.