My 90’s Video Games – Part II (Super Nintendo)

The Mini Super Nintendo was released few weeks ago and again that makes me get nostalgic.
This post is about the games I played as a kid on Super Nintendo.
Super Mario Kart was the main responsible for missing some of school classes. On two players mode is laughs from the beginning to the end of the race. You’ll never know when you gonna win… it can exist an red shell, or an lightning  that hits you a few meters from cross the final line. Today I still play Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch and sometimes I take it with me for dinners with friends and is always a fun.

Super Mario Kart
I like strategic games that involves construction, and the SNES has an master piece called “Sim City“. (Unfortunately this game is not on the Mini SNES).
At that time, having a game that I can build an entire city on my own was a “mind blow”. I think I like this kind of games because of the freedom that provides. Even today, I play Sim City 4! On Sim City you can manage the roads and trains structure, commercial, industrial and residential zones, green zones, growth taxes, provoke disasters, manage traffic… there’s a lot we can do on this game!
Sim City SNES
Sim City
I also played other games, like Super Mario World, F-Zero and Donkey Kong but was Super Mario Kart and Sim City that causes me more impact.
There are lots of games in the Mini SNES that I want to revisit. Right now I’m playing Super Mario World and F-Zero. The conclusion that I get is always the same: there are a few AAA games these days that can not match the game-play and the fun of some of SNES games.